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Transform your home with minimalist neutral curtains

Whenever I thought of the curtains for our future home, I always imagined sheer white curtains gently flowing through the breeze, with light wood fittings to match with the rustic minimalist interiors.

When we bought our first home we were able to make our dream curtains a reality.

Look how much they elevate the rustic aesthetic of the house!

But it was not an easy feat!

I found a wooden curtain rod + bracket design on Pinterest which instantly caught my eye. But we could not find anything similar in any of the shops in Sri Lanka.

So we decided to get them custom-made!

We went to a local woodworks shop close to our home and they custom made the rods and brackets for us in pine wood.

We went for simple white linen curtains with tab tops.

When we put the curtains up, it was exactly as we wanted. Minimalist, rustic, neutral and so so beautiful! The linen filtered out the natural light from the windows and made the space look brighter and more spacious.

It costed us much less to custom make the curtain rods and brackets. It surprised us because the usual steel rods were far more expensive, and not nearly as beautiful as the ones we had made.

We're so happy it turned out exactly as we wanted. And this is your reminder that if you're willing to go the extra mile for it, anything is possible!



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