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Neutral DIY Valentine's Day Wall Decor

Do you want to decorate your home for V Day, but don't want to mess up that dreamy neutral aesthetic you've so carefully put together?

Worry no more! Grab some brown paper bags, scissors and mounting tape and you're all set! Let's get started on our neutral DIY wall decor for V-Day!

"The thing I love about DIY is you get to create these unbelievably amazing things from just your boring every day items - like, I would've never imagined supermarket brown paper bags would make such cute décor on my walls."

brown hearts wall decor above the TV and on the air conditioner

Things you'll need:

  • Brown grocery paper bags, preferably in two shades

  • Scissors

  • Mounting tape or sellotape


Cut up the hearts in different sizes and stick them on the wall to make any shape you like. I used two sizes in my décor, but you can go for more.

I also used paper bags of two different shades of brown. You can mix and match however you like! I stuck some hearts on the aircon too - and it looks super cute.

I also oomphed up the wall art above out couch for V Day. I swapped the wall art to just two rows of paper hearts which looked even better against the cream colored wall. Just take any remaining hearts you have from the hearts cluster and stick them on the wall with mounting tape, and you're done!

Read how I created this wall art using just shelf liner and bamboo sushi roll sticks here.

The new wall decor with two rows of brown paper hears above the couch

See how put together it all looks?

It took me less than two hours to put up this wall decor. I love how simple yet gorgeous it is.

I may never take them down!

Leave any questions you have about this DIY in the comments below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Happy DIY-ing!




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