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Hello! I'm Yashodha

I was born and raised in the tropical island of Sri Lanka. Now I live in the Philippines, where I currently work.

I'm in my thirties, and married to the most awesome person in the whole world. He makes life so much better! We've been married since 2019, and I haven't kept a straight face since! We both believe in keeping things fun, and this results in a lot of jokes, some pranks, a lot of laughs and a whole lot of happiness.

I'm a techie by profession - a Software Tester to be exact.

I love to travel, read, try out DIY projects for my home and sit on the couch with a warm coffee and contemplate life on rainy days. And I love to write about all of these things.

​This blog is my little corner on the internet, and I talk about life, work, and everything in between. I pen down all my thoughts on my own experiences as I stumble and fumble through life. Be it home styling ideas, DIY tutorials, gift guides, beauty tips, life hacks and corporate survival guides - you'll find it somewhere in here!



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