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Why My Thirties Are My Best Years

I turned thirty two this June, and life couldn’t be any better!⁣

Being in my thirties is great! And I’m not just saying that to make myself feel better. It really is!⁣

In my teen years and early twenties I used to dread turning 30. Everyone (even people who already passed their mid-life mark) says you’re old when you reach your thirties so I used to think that when I turned thirty my life would already be over.⁣

I was so wrong!!!⁣

I’m thirty two now, and life couldn’t be any better!⁣

“In your thirties, you're old enough to know what's really good for you and young enough to go after it.”

I’m in the prime of my career. I’m making good money, and I’m also learning and growing more and shaping up professionally.⁣

I have financial freedom and the freedom as an adult to do everything I like to do. I’m mature enough to make smart decisions on what I want to do. Nobody bosses me around saying you can’t do this and that.⁣

I’m more confident in myself. I’m being solid in who I am, I love who I am and I like how I see my mistakes as lessons to become a better version of me.⁣

I’m starting to choose my inner circle more carefully. I let go of toxic people and surround myself with the people who are good to me, good for me and good for my well-being.⁣

I’m shaking off my people-pleaser self and embracing a more strong personality where I stand up for myself and take no shit from anyone. I’m learning to say no and set healthy boundaries.⁣

I’m old enough to know what I want in life, what’s good for me and I’m young enough to start chasing my dreams.⁣

So if you’re in your thirties or approaching your thirties, don’t be disheartened. Your thirties are the best years of your life!!! Go live ‘em!!!⁣




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