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The Power of Writing: A Personal Reflection on Why I Love to Write

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I've loved writing since I was a kid.

I started writing small poems and essays when I was at primary school - I must have been just 8-9 years old. Some of these pieces were even published on kids' newspapers (ah, the good old 90's when we read newspapers, ha!)

I remember my mom putting together a scrapbook full of newspaper clippings of my published write-ups, and pages from my notebooks.

I've written wildly imaginative essays in the Language Class at school, to the point where my teachers raved about my 'original' ideas at parent-teacher meetings. Sometimes, my essays exceeded three long foolscap papers before I even realised it!

Back then, I didn't fully grasp it, but writing set me free.

When I think back on it, I realise that I've always loved writing because it helps me make sense of things. It helps me untangle my thoughts, sit with my feelings and reflect on life's twists and turns.

As I grew up, I continued to write about my thoughts, reflections, life and travels on Instagram. When the audience started to grow around my Instagram account, I discovered that my writing not only helped me but resonated with the people who read what I wrote.

Writing became a bridge. To build meaningful connections. To spark insightful conversations. Whether it was a heartfelt reflection of life, a DIY tutorial or a few tips to pick yourself up after a hectic week, writing allowed me to express myself authentically.

And so, I keep writing. It's a journey of self-discovery, empathy, and shared moments with you, my dear readers, who find my content relatable, inspiring and helpful.




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