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My 2024 New Year's Resolution: Choosing Peace

The arrival of 2024 brings with it the familiar buzz of New Year’s resolutions. We all contemplate the changes we want to make, the habits we hope to break, and the dreams we aspire to fulfill.

For me, this year’s resolution is simple yet profound: to choose peace over everything else. And, of course, to have a cat.

In the past, I was a master at tolerating toxic behavior. I would smile and nod, absorbing negativity like a sponge. The weight of it would follow me home, where I’d retreat to a corner and cry. Why did I subject myself to this emotional turmoil? Perhaps because I’m a people-pleaser, conditioned to prioritize others’ feelings above my own.

But 2023 changed me. It was a year of upheaval—moving to a new country, navigating cultural differences, working harder than ever, and relying solely on my partner for companionship. But surprisingly, it was also the most peaceful year of my life, compared to the absolute chaos of the past few years.

I was stress-free. I was relaxed. I was HAPPY.


By distancing myself from the negative, judgmental voices that once held sway over my well-being. Here, far away from them, I had the power to say NO. No more toxic conversations, no more draining encounters. Just peace.

And then there’s my ever-present desire to be adopted by a cat. A creature of quiet contentment, a master of finding solace in sunbeams and soft blankets. In their presence, I see a reflection of my own desire for tranquility. So, alongside my commitment to peace, I resolve to welcome a feline companion into my life. Their purrs will be my soundtrack, their gentle gaze a reminder to prioritise my well-being.

So, as you embark on your own journey through 2024, consider this: Choose your peace.

Whether it’s saying no to toxicity, seeking out moments of serenity, or adopting a pet, prioritise what nourishes your soul.

Remember, resolutions aren’t just promises; they’re declarations of self-love.

I hope you will find the courage to choose your peace this year, too.




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