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How to Recover From A Bad Week

Bad weeks are the bane of my existence (like Anthony said to Miss Sharma, anyone?)

Some weeks are good. Some are bad. This week has been a terrible week for me.

I struggled quite a lot to find the motivation to work. I felt drained of energy all the time.

There were periods of time when I didn’t find my work meaningful. It felts like I was stuck in a rut, doing the same thing and not learning anything new.

Some days I struggled with imposter syndrome, procrastinating and then doubting myself and feeling bad that I couldn’t be more productive.

I resented traveling to work. I was thinking quite wistfully of working from home where I had less distractions and could focus much better on my tasks.

Constantly dwelling on all these negative feelings, by Friday eve I was flat on my back feeling like my whole life was a meaningless pile of crap.

I wanted to shake off this sickening feeling and start the next week on a good note. I couldn't keep going on like this and end up depressed. I mean, who on earth would?

So I did some stuff over the weekend to make myself feel better.

Met my friends on Saturday

I dropped in at my friends' place where they hosted a lunch and tea party. Stayed there until late evening, talked and laughed a lot, wined and dined, and left feeling much much better and happier, with a full heart.

They say spending time with the people you love is the best pick-me-up you can get, and I agree 100 percent!

Went for a morning walk on Sunday

Fresh air and a little bit of morning sun can do wonders on your mood. Trust me!

Forced to drag my ass off the bed, into my running clothes and out of the house by my ever-amazing husband, I took a nature walk this morning. The walk was along paddy fields, dirt paths under the shade of huge trees, a stream running by the side with birds and dogs everywhere.

It was so nice, and I came home feeling warm and refreshed. Those feelings of sadness and lack of motivation - gone my friends, GONE!

Watched a movie

We all know this is the easiest tried and true reliever of all negativity. Watching a movie! Be it a soapy, soppy romantic drama, a hilarious comedy or a full on action thriller.

And if it's a cute animation movie - all the better!!!

Spent a lot of time with my hubster

A dose of dopamine never fails!

I got a lot of cuddles, hugs and kissed from my husband. He has a habit of holding me whenever I'm upset, and it instantly makes me feel better. Being held by a loved one has an amazing way of cheering us up. So make sure you spend more time with your SO, family, pets and friends. Not only on bad days, but on good days too!

These are things I did this weekend to uplift my mood and pull myself out of the depressing and sickening phase I was going through. And I think it's safe to say that they worked like a charm!

Try these if you're having a bad week. I promise they will help you recover from it in the blink of an eye!




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