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30 Days Down Under: A Recap of Our First Month in Australia

New Beginnings

It’s been a month since Sahanaka and I embarked on our Australian journey. The land Down Under has welcomed us with open arms, and we’re excited to share our experiences. Let’s dive into the highlights of our first month!

A Memorable Arrival

We touched down in Melbourne on February 24, 2024, around 4:30 PM. Our friend Bhashana, bless his heart, struggled with my 28kg luggage at the airport—almost breaking his back! Picture me squeezed between a massive guitar box and jackets in the back seat. It was quite the sight! Our first stop after the airport was Kmart and Coles, where we grabbed essentials like a sim card, pillows, and a cozy comforter. Oh, and some food to sustain us for the initial days. And guess where we headed for dinner? McDonald’s, affectionately known as “Macca’s” by Aussies.

Our Lovely Rental

Our landlord, Don, greeted us at our new home. The house is a gem—clean, organized, and inviting. Over the next few days, we got to know our housemates. Chris and Steph are from the Philippines, so we instantly bonded with them because we'd been in the Philippines for the past year! Huzaifa is from Pakistan, and he makes top-notch berry shakes. Tiffany, who hails from Canberra, has been here for almost a year. Don and Laknath, fellow Sri Lankans, instantly felt like family. Divi from Malaysia and Rashi from India complete our multicultural household. They’ve made us feel right at home, and we’re incredibly lucky!

Sunset Strolls and Biryani Nights

Chris and Steph, our newfound friends, took us to the Geelong Waterfront at sunset. Just 3km from our home, the ocean view is dreamy. Seagulls swooped around as we soaked in the beauty. The sun sets around 8 PM these days as summer transitions to fall. We headed to a Biryani place for dinner. Chris and Steph, having lived in Dubai, share our love for biryani. It’s a small world, isn’t it?

Aldi Adventures

We stumbled upon Aldi, a supermarket that champions home-grown brands. Prices are wallet-friendly compared to Coles and Woolworths. Our wallets rejoiced! We’ve been mastering the art of meal prepping—burrito bowls for lunch, pasta for dinner, and a perfectly baked chicken that left us feeling like culinary wizards.

Exploring Melbourne: A Day of Surprises

Our friend Bhashana graciously played tour guide, whisking us away to Melbourne—the vibrant heart of Victoria. The V/Line train took us there in under an hour, offering “Quiet Carriages” for peaceful commutes. Our first stop: Victoria Park. This green haven, with majestic trees and winding walkways, feels like an escape from the city’s hustle. As we arrived, the Moomba Festival was in full swing. Crowds buzzed, laughter echoed, and the air crackled with excitement. Melbourne, you see, wears its diversity proudly. And so, our day unfolded—a delightful blend of tranquility and festivity.

Smashing Success: Sahanaka Conquers the Table Tennis Arena!

Sahanaka stumbled upon a Table Tennis gym right near our new home in Australia. On his very first visit he walked into a bustling tournament. To his delight, he was invited to participate and ended up winning every single game! The joy on his face was contagious—Table Tennis truly is his passion, and he’s at his happiest when he’s in top form on the court. Little did we know that this gym is one of Victoria’s largest Table Tennis facilities. Stay tuned for more of his Table Tennis adventures!

Housemate Bonding

Living with our incredible housemates has been a blessing. Saturdays and Sundays—our communal chill-out days—are filled with laughter, spices, and shared meals. Don, our Sri Lankan friend, has fallen head over heels for my Cajun Rice recipe. Now, he’s my eager sous chef, ready to tackle any dish. Tiffany, Rashi and I chat about getting our nails done over a glass of wine. Our kitchen becomes a storytelling haven, and our dinners turn into heartwarming feasts. We're so grateful for this little family we’ve found.

Job Hunt Realities

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: unemployment. The Australian job market is more competitive than we anticipated. But fear not! Armed with insights from the Victoria Careers and Employment Expo, we’ve revamped our resumes and are ready to dive in. Evening walks along the coast keep us hopeful. The golden sunsets remind us that with every day that ends, a new day is coming.

So here’s to our first month—a mix of adventure, adjustment and anticipation. We’ll keep you posted as our Australian adventure unfolds.




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